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Gothic Beauties in Dark Erotica

In my mid twenties, I dated an 18-year-old goth girl. It was a really weird time in my life and she sort of fit into that. Her dream was to become a B movie actress, starring in slasher flix. She liked to roleplay the scenes in the bedroom sometimes. We burned a lot of incense and candles, smoked a lot of weed, and listened to a lot of Rob Zombie.

Everywhere we went, she got a lot of looks. We could not leave the apartment until her makeup was just right and she had the right clothes on to fit the look she was going for. Sometimes she would want to do things in public just for show. She loved shocking people. We even made out in a cemetery in broad daylight once. I cringe thinking about how disrespectful that was, but it also turns me on.

In the end, I actually found her to be too high maintenance and I got tired of the constant showmanship and her always wanting me to go more goth. We broke it off, but I still enjoy the memories of all the crazy sex we had.

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