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Goth Girls Are Just Hotter

I have to admit I’ve always had a thing for goth girls ever since high school. There’s just something really hot about all that black. It’s like they can suck you in just with the look in their eye. Like they are pulling your soul out through your dick with their sinful mouth. And for some reason, I’m totally fine with that. Put a spell on me, you sexy witches. Let’s fuck in an old church filled with candles in the middle of a giant pentagram with our bodies covered in goat blood. That’s my idea of a cute first date.

It’s also my idea of really hot porn. That’s why I’m a member of It’s home of Szandora, princess of darkness herself. She’s a supermodel, makeup artist, hula performer, and all-around goth queen. She’s a very kinky girl who likes to play with her friends with bondage fun and other freaky fetishes. You’re going to love supporting her craft.

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