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Rubber Doll is a Rock Star’s Dream

Lots of musicians bring back up dancers or whatever they are called on tour. A lot of rock bands don’t need the typical dancers but they do like to feature sexy chicks up on stage and in their album art. If the international fetish model, Rubber Doll, looks familiar to you, that is probably why. She has toured with Motley Crue and had her image used by them as well as by Buckcherry and Markus Schultz. She has also appeared on Howard Stern and in a Michael Bay film.

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Creativity in the Dark

The few months in high school that I spent going out with a goth girl really helped to shape my future sexual interests. She left her mark on me in more ways than one. I still have a few faint scars from the kinky shit we tried together. I get a surge of excitement sometimes when I notice the light lines on my skin. To this day, those are still some of the most sexually creative experiences of my life, and it has continued to steer my fantasies into slightly darker territory.

It’s rare to see true goth girls any more, and that is especially true after reaching a certain age. I don’t know if it is because it’s a phase that they grow out of, or if society forces it out of them in an attempt to have us all conform to the machine. Either way, it’s a sad loss.

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Gothic Beauties in Dark Erotica

In my mid twenties, I dated an 18-year-old goth girl. It was a really weird time in my life and she sort of fit into that. Her dream was to become a B movie actress, starring in slasher flix. She liked to roleplay the scenes in the bedroom sometimes. We burned a lot of incense and candles, smoked a lot of weed, and listened to a lot of Rob Zombie.

Everywhere we went, she got a lot of looks. We could not leave the apartment until her makeup was just right and she had the right clothes on to fit the look she was going for. Sometimes she would want to do things in public just for show. She loved shocking people. We even made out in a cemetery in broad daylight once. I cringe thinking about how disrespectful that was, but it also turns me on.

In the end, I actually found her to be too high maintenance and I got tired of the constant showmanship and her always wanting me to go more goth. We broke it off, but I still enjoy the memories of all the crazy sex we had.

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Have the Ultimate Fantasy Experience

If you have been looking for something new and downright thrilling, then you are really in luck today. I have an amazing site to tell you about and you are going to want to rush to join. I used to think cosplay was something just for geeks, but after visiting this site, I will never have that limiting view again.

VR Cosplay X brings your craziest fantasies into virtual reality. Put on your VR headset and be transported into a world starring your favorite characters – all ready to fuck.

Whether it’s Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Deadpool’s Domino, Mortal Kombat, The Little Mermaid, Jessica Rabbit, or another film that floats your boat, you are likely to find a scene to suit your needs.

The girls look amazing in their roles and since their main purpose is having sex with your stunt cock, they don’t need to deliver the most convincing dialog. The 180 degree views and smooth headtracking allow you to look wherever you want and the binaural sound will give you chills.

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Horny Teens Spanked & Fucked at Nubiles Porn

I wouldn’t say that has a lot of goth, emo or alt girls, but you can sometimes find unique little gems like this porn babe that’s got a bit of that goth-y flair in outfit, piercings and tattoos. Punishment here is usually a good spanking with some hardcore fucking. In this particular pairing, you’ll get to see the girl held upside down for a hot 69. You want in? You can save up to 77% off on Bad Teens Punished. It’s just one of many awesome sites on

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Beautiful Porn Babes With Tats, Piercings & Colorful Hair

Alt girls are only some of my favorite girls in all of the porn kingdoms out there. I’ve seen a lot too, but there’s nothing sexier than a tattooed babe and maybe some piercings. I definitely love colorful hair too. It all just makes for an interesting fuck, don’t you think? If you want in on some hot shit like this, here’s where you can get your discount for 51% off to Gods Girls.

There are tons and tons of pictures here of solo and softcore shit. You’ll also find 268+ videos featuring some hardcore stuff. Interestingly, most of the stuff here is self-shot, but still looking pretty damn good from what I’m seeing. More than just a porn site, Gods Girls also acts as a social media network. These ladies all have their own profiles and many actively update blogs and journals, visit the forums, and leave comments. Members also get to set up their own profiles here.

There’s lots of variety and interesting things to see and do at this site; it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal on alt-girl porn today!

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A Darker Side of Porn: Check Out Kink Unlimited

Shout out to all the hardcore BDSM and fetish lovers: here’s the mothership of porn where gay, lesbian, and straight stuff is all included. Be careful, it can get a lot more dark and twisted than a fat dildo on a stick getting shoved into a girl’s asshole. You’re going to find girls bound and struggling as they get gangbanged, device bondage, dungeon and cage sex (with some pissing, I see) along with foot stuff and shemales too.

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Joanna Angel: The Hottest Burning Punk Angel of Porn

You’re going to love this trashy slut as you get to watch her try just about anything at least once. She’s a proud Jew and, even though she’s got her mouth and hands full of white cock right here, you can oftentimes see her fucking tattooed girls and black dudes on her site as well. Don’t be a bitch: save 67% off on Joanna Angel with this discount! 300+ hot videos await you and new updates come weekly. You’ll also get access to a personal blog and interactive live shows. For just $5.25 per month, you can’t beat this deal.

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Scar13: Seductive & Charming Goth Slut

Wow, look at those eyes and those amazing pierced nipples! You will find no less than the best of gothic porn by this deviant babe as she expresses her sexual dark side. You should get this 59% off discount to that is going to save you loads off a yearly membership and unlocks 4 bonus sites. No one else has this erotic allure that both arouses and intrigues you!

Scar is a solo model with a focus on erotic artistry. She enjoys exhibitionism and showing off her beautiful dark side. She is bisexual, but only performs with girls on her site and she loves to be dominated and bitten. If you want to see pure gothic beauty porn with exclusive dark and sensual girls in intense lesbian action, this is the place for you!