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Sexy Sirens

No bubbly blonde snow bunnies here. Girls next door can stay home too. This site isn’t for your average, boring every day chicks. No way, this site features all the hottest Alternative, Goth and Emo porn you could ever want. With your membership you’ll also get full access to Burning Angel as well. Multiple video and picture updates will always have you in fresh material.

If you’re looking for the same old same porn you just might surprise yourself. Check it out. Give it a shot and see what you think. These girls are absolutely stunning in a mysterious way. Almost a dangerous quality to them. Right now you can snag this 84% off discount to Joanna Angel. Now if that isn’t tempting I don’t know what is. Guaranteed you’ll find yourself being drawn in to these magical nymphs. They say curiosity killed the cat. Well if you’re curious you can watch these pussies get slayed in so many glorious ways. You’ll wish you had come across this site way sooner.

Have the Ultimate Fantasy Experience

If you have been looking for something new and downright thrilling, then you are really in luck today. I have an amazing site to tell you about and you are going to want to rush to join. I used to think cosplay was something just for geeks, but after visiting this site, I will never have that limiting view again.

VR Cosplay X brings your craziest fantasies into virtual reality. Put on your VR headset and be transported into a world starring your favorite characters – all ready to fuck.

Whether it’s Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Deadpool’s Domino, Mortal Kombat, The Little Mermaid, Jessica Rabbit, or another film that floats your boat, you are likely to find a scene to suit your needs.

The girls look amazing in their roles and since their main purpose is having sex with your stunt cock, they don’t need to deliver the most convincing dialog. The 180 degree views and smooth headtracking allow you to look wherever you want and the binaural sound will give you chills.

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Hot Teens Fucked into Submission is the only site you need if you want to see sexy teens bound, gagged, and treated like the filthy sluts they are! Watch as these naughty babes are transformed into submissive obedient sexy kittens through any kinky means necessary.

In explicit hardcore sex scenes, you will find plenty of brutal fucking to keep you on the edge of your seat. With daily updates bringing a steady stream of fresh HD videos and high resolution photos, there’s always something new and exciting to keep you cumming back for more.

You will love every sexy girl featured on this amazing website. With all exclusive content available to stream or download on any device, there’s nothing stopping you from checking out all of the kinky action!

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While these babes are being punished, you’ll only be tortured if you deny yourself the sweet release of this hot fetish porn!

The Future is NOW!

This shit just blew my mind. I have not been this excited to blog about something in a while.

VR is without a shadow of a doubt the future of visual entertainment and as always porn is right up at the front of that. While I believe we have a ways to go still before this is truly great, we are seeing progress.

Why do I say we are still in the infant stages of VR? Just have a look at how clunky, unaesthetic and unappealing the goggles are and it’s a dead give-away. Cardboard goggles? GTFO.

VR Cosplay X has taken a leap forward though and has introduced jaw dropping cosplay porn so good that I’m not sure anyone else can compete right now.

Check out this nice discount offer from VR Cosplay X and enjoy a life changing porn experience.

It’s Also in the Feet

More often than not, much more often in fact, I find it easy to spot a tranny. Other than the cock and balls with a set of tits that is. 😀

I mean while fully clothed and made up as a woman. Apologies if they are women and I’m not acknowledging that, I mean no offence.

The biggest tell for me and also a very easy one to spot is the hands. While a jawline can quite easily be altered with some surgery these day it is not the case with the hands.

It ‘s when I came across this site though that I realised just how big a tell the feet are too. This pic is a good example but honestly it wasn;t difficult to find one, it is that obvious almost all of the time.

Save $6 with this Trans Feet discount and enjoy it in any way that works for you.

Horny Teens Spanked & Fucked at Nubiles Porn

I wouldn’t say that has a lot of goth, emo or alt girls, but you can sometimes find unique little gems like this porn babe that’s got a bit of that goth-y flair in outfit, piercings and tattoos. Punishment here is usually a good spanking with some hardcore fucking. In this particular pairing, you’ll get to see the girl held upside down for a hot 69. You want in? You can save up to 72% here on Bad Teens Punished. It’s just one of many awesome sites on

Teacher Fucks Teens, Princess Cum, Moms Teach Sex, Nubiles Unscripted, and more are all here for you to explore. Grabbing this deal gets you the entire network where these bonus sites come as no extra cost to you. You’ll find lots of fresh-faced girls, hand-selected in true Nubiles Porn style, and you’ll also find some of the industry’s favorites like Alexa Grace and Piper Perri. Have a look around for yourself and grab your hot porn deal today on teens being punished!

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Beautiful Porn Babes With Tats, Piercings & Colorful Hair

Alt girls are only some of my favorite girls in all of the porn kingdoms out there. I’ve seen a lot too, but there’s nothing sexier than a tattooed babe and maybe some piercings. I definitely love colorful hair too. It all just makes for an interesting fuck, don’t you think? If you want in on some hot shit like this, here’s where you can get your deal to Gods Girls:

There are tons and tons of pictures here of solo and softcore shit. You’ll also find 268+ videos featuring some hardcore stuff. Interestingly, most of the stuff here is self-shot, but still looking pretty damn good from what I’m seeing. More than just a porn site, Gods Girls also acts as a social media network. These ladies all have their own profiles and many actively update blogs and journals, visit the forums, and leave comments. Members also get to set up their own profiles here.

There’s lots of variety and interesting things to see and do at this site; it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal on alt-girl porn today!

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Huge List of Porn Sites and Amazing Discounts


People often ask me how I stay on top of the best deals to the hottest porn on the web. And honestly, I usually keep it pretty tight lipped. I like to be the one to tell people about a great new site or a particularly juicy new deal that I find. It makes me feel useful and I like helping people. Well, that was until I realized what a giant twat I was being.

As it turns out, a lot of people don’t just come out and tell you what it is they are into sexually. This seems to be especially true if their interests deviate too much from the mainstream. Now I myself am a total freak and everyone knows it. So I never realized that some would be shy with talking to me about something that I myself am so vocal about, but it does happen.

So if you do want to see where I find the best deals, along with user reviews and ratings, I go to It’s a really invaluable tool that has all the top sites, and more obscure but scrumptious deals on just about any genre you can imagine!


Sexy Sluts Show off Their Hairy Pussies

I love women. I love everything about women. And what I love most about women, is what so many people in today’s society like to forget or brush under the rug. And that is that women are just as fucked up and dirty minded as we are.

That’s right. Sorry to break the bubble that you might have imagined, but not all women are fragile little creatures who exist only for our pleasure. In fact, some of them are so insanely kinky they can make even a seasoned male slut such as myself blush. That’s why no matter what sexual persuasion they may feel inclined to entertain, I always find them highly erotic in their own way.

Women who choose to go all natural when it comes to their body hair is completely sexy to me for that reason. It’s so primal and hot, I would just love to bury my face in their sweet bush and then fuck them and bust all over it. With this Hairy Undies discount you will see this and much more, along with a pass to the Devil’s Film Network to get all of your kinky desires out.

A Darker Side of Porn: Check Out Kink Unlimited

Shout out to all the hardcore BDSM and fetish lovers: here’s the mothership of porn where gay, lesbian, and straight stuff is all included. Be careful, it can get a lot more dark and twisted than a fat dildo on a stick getting shoved into a girl’s asshole. You’re going to find girls bound and struggling as they get gangbanged, device bondage, dungeon and cage sex (with some pissing, I see) along with foot stuff and shemales too.

There’s so much more though and you can check it all out when you take up this Kink Unlimited discount I’m sharing. 2,600 new members have already grabbed this deal to sign up — watch out, space is limited! Check things out and grab yours before time runs out.