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The Future is NOW!

This shit just blew my mind. I have not been this excited to blog about something in a while.

VR is without a shadow of a doubt the future of visual entertainment and as always porn is right up at the front of that. While I believe we have a ways to go still before this is truly great, we are seeing progress.

Why do I say we are still in the infant stages of VR? Just have a look at how clunky, unaesthetic and unappealing the goggles are and it’s a dead give-away. Cardboard goggles? GTFO.

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It’s Also in the Feet

More often than not, much more often in fact, I find it easy to spot a tranny. Other than the cock and balls with a set of tits that is. 😀

I mean while fully clothed and made up as a woman. Apologies if they are women and I’m not acknowledging that, I mean no offence.

The biggest tell for me and also a very easy one to spot is the hands. While a jawline can quite easily be altered with some surgery these day it is not the case with the hands.

It ‘s when I came across this site though that I realised just how big a tell the feet are too. This pic is a good example but honestly it wasn;t difficult to find one, it is that obvious almost all of the time.

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This is a very special place for everyone that has a fetish for goth ladies. These dark girls in black look so damn mysterious. They are always interested for some naughty stuff, don’t let their dark mystique fools you. What we have here is so damn hot, check out our fantastic collection of Voyeur Sex videos with some adorable goth ladies. Most of these chicks love to show their bodies in front of the camera, but some of them will surely suck a dick and get rammed with pleasure. Either way you need to check them all out, these goth bitches are surely intriguing…

You can tell a lot about people based on their online dating habits

There are many ways you can figure out a person’s real character. Character of course is very different from reputation. Reputation is something that develops based on what people say about you. They might be saying it behind your back and you might not be around but they’re talking about you and that’s how reputations are built.


Character on the other hand is your real self. Character is seared into your emotional, mental and spiritual DNA. It is who you really are. Character involves behaviours and thinking patterns that you would engage in even when nobody is watching. Believe or not, your online dating habits reveal a lot about your character. Maybe you’d rather hide this another way, but this is the reality. You have to understand that the moment you step out into the public and you engage with other members on , your character begins to show. It might not show all at once but there will be enough clues and hints regarding who you really are that you need to be very careful if you don’t want you real character to show.


The sad reality is most people have parts of their character that they’d rather keep private. They are certain things that we are embarrassed about. There are certain things about ourselves that we’d rather not tell other people. So it’s really important to always be on your best behaviour. You can tell a lot about people based on their online dating habits. If they are disrespectful or if they are not respectful or they otherwise try to goad the other members, you know that deep down they are small, weak, helpless and fearful. Talk about a bad character.

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