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Huge List of Porn Sites and Amazing Discounts


People often ask me how I stay on top of the best deals to the hottest porn on the web. And honestly, I usually keep it pretty tight lipped. I like to be the one to tell people about a great new site or a particularly juicy new deal that I find. It makes me feel useful and I like helping people. Well, that was until I realized what a giant twat I was being.

As it turns out, a lot of people don’t just come out and tell you what it is they are into sexually. This seems to be especially true if their interests deviate too much from the mainstream. Now I myself am a total freak and everyone knows it. So I never realized that some would be shy with talking to me about something that I myself am so vocal about, but it does happen.

So if you do want to see where I find the best deals, along with user reviews and ratings, I go to It’s a really invaluable tool that has all the top sites, and more obscure but scrumptious deals on just about any genre you can imagine!


Sexy Sluts Show off Their Hairy Pussies

I love women. I love everything about women. And what I love most about women, is what so many people in today’s society like to forget or brush under the rug. And that is that women are just as fucked up and dirty minded as we are.

That’s right. Sorry to break the bubble that you might have imagined, but not all women are fragile little creatures who exist only for our pleasure. In fact, some of them are so insanely kinky they can make even a seasoned male slut such as myself blush. That’s why no matter what sexual persuasion they may feel inclined to entertain, I always find them highly erotic in their own way.

Women who choose to go all natural when it comes to their body hair is completely sexy to me for that reason. It’s so primal and hot, I would just love to bury my face in their sweet bush and then fuck them and bust all over it. With this Hairy Undies discount you will see this and much more, along with a pass to the Devil’s Film Network to get all of your kinky desires out.

A Darker Side of Porn: Check Out Kink Unlimited

Shout out to all the hardcore BDSM and fetish lovers: here’s the mothership of porn where gay, lesbian, and straight stuff is all included. Be careful, it can get a lot more dark and twisted than a fat dildo on a stick getting shoved into a girl’s asshole. You’re going to find girls bound and struggling as they get gangbanged, device bondage, dungeon and cage sex (with some pissing, I see) along with foot stuff and shemales too.

There’s so much more though and you can check it all out when you take up this Kink Unlimited discount I’m sharing. 2,600 new members have already grabbed this deal to sign up — watch out, space is limited! Check things out and grab yours before time runs out.

Joanna Angel: The Hottest Burning Punk Angel of Porn

You’re going to love this trashy slut as you get to watch her try just about anything at least once. She’s a proud Jew and, even though she’s got her mouth and hands full of white cock right here, you can oftentimes see her fucking tattooed girls and black dudes on her site as well. Don’t be a bitch: save now on Joanna Angel with this link! 300+ hot videos await you and new updates come weekly. You’ll also get access to a personal blog and interactive live shows. For just $5.25 per month, you can’t beat this deal.

For even more hot deals on discounted porn, check out  and bookmark the page so you’ll always have the latest just a click away. Some deals go for as much as 83% off full price! Several are prices you can lock in for life, while others offer network passes to other sites and bonuses like live sex shows. Check things out and grab your deal today!

Scar13: Seductive & Charming Goth Slut

Wow, look at those eyes and those amazing pierced nipples! You will find no less than the best of gothic porn by this deviant babe as she expresses her sexual dark side. You should get this huge annual discount to that is going to save you 59% off a yearly membership and unlocks 4 bonus sites. No one else has this erotic allure that both arouses and intrigues you!

Scar is a solo model with a focus on erotic artistry. She enjoys exhibitionism and showing off her beautiful dark side. She is bisexual, but only performs with girls on her site and she loves to be dominated and bitten. If you want to see pure gothic beauty porn with exclusive dark and sensual girls in intense lesbian action, this is the place for you!

Homemade Sex Tapes and Naked Selfies

She Devils is a site that takes you to a content-rich archive filled with homemade sex tapes and nude photo of all your favorite girl-next-door and GF-types. It is user-submitted stuff and these sex-crazed chicks seem to love to submit their own homemade sex tapes and naked pics in a bid to make them feel like they are famous pornstars! The content also comes from other sources too, like hacked social media accounts, leaked sex tapes and, of course, jilted BF’s looking to get back at their ex’s and make some fast cash in the process! Grab our She Devils discount now and save 34% off normal prices – pay just $19.95 for a 30 day pass and get full access to this 100% Exclusive amateur action!

A site like no other and a half off discount

Social Glamour Discount

I cannot guarantee that all of the ladies on Social Glamour are going to look as hot as Mica Martinez above, but I can say that I have yet to find one on the site that I would not fuck. is not a dedicated alt-girl site. It does, however, have a lot of alt-girls in lots of videos and lots of picture sets. As a member, even as a discount member, you get full access to the entire archive of  4,160+ videos, 3240+ photo sets of their 27 super model hotties. Why are they super models? You have to see them to understand.

Join using our Social Glamour discount link and you get half off your first month. Inside you will find a good collection of girls who could easily fill the pages of Playboy, Penthouse, Score and XLGirls. You get petite babes, thick babes and lots of in between babes. Plenty of tits and ass to gawk at.

I’d love to tell you more about this site but I need to go now and enjoy the 25 updates they added this past week. So much porn, so little time!

Goth ladies like to show off

This is a very special place for everyone that has a fetish for goth ladies. These dark girls in black look so damn mysterious. They are always interested for some naughty stuff, don’t let their dark mystique fools you. What we have here is so damn hot, check out our fantastic collection of Voyeur Sex videos with some adorable goth ladies. Most of these chicks love to show their bodies in front of the camera, but some of them will surely suck a dick and get rammed with pleasure. Either way you need to check them all out, these goth bitches are surely intriguing…

You can tell a lot about people based on their online dating habits

There are many ways you can figure out a person’s real character. Character of course is very different from reputation. Reputation is something that develops based on what people say about you. They might be saying it behind your back and you might not be around but they’re talking about you and that’s how reputations are built.


Character on the other hand is your real self. Character is seared into your emotional, mental and spiritual DNA. It is who you really are. Character involves behaviours and thinking patterns that you would engage in even when nobody is watching. Believe or not, your online dating habits reveal a lot about your character. Maybe you’d rather hide this another way, but this is the reality. You have to understand that the moment you step out into the public and you engage with other members on , your character begins to show. It might not show all at once but there will be enough clues and hints regarding who you really are that you need to be very careful if you don’t want you real character to show.


The sad reality is most people have parts of their character that they’d rather keep private. They are certain things that we are embarrassed about. There are certain things about ourselves that we’d rather not tell other people. So it’s really important to always be on your best behaviour. You can tell a lot about people based on their online dating habits. If they are disrespectful or if they are not respectful or they otherwise try to goad the other members, you know that deep down they are small, weak, helpless and fearful. Talk about a bad character.

Hairy pussies that will blow your mind

You surely don’t want to miss this absolutely amazing website that’s filled to the brim with the hottest hairy sluts in the world. Check out wonderful amateurs and professional porn girls with hairy pussies. It’s a very nice thing to see these pretty ladies in action. They just want to get rammed by well endowed porn dudes and you can’t blame them for that. They are just passionate porn sluts that need to satisfy their sexual desires. Enter this hairy pussy paradise and don’t forget to bookmark it right now. You’ll get addicted to our sweet hairy pussies for sure!

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